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2017. augusztus 25. 16:00 - 2017. augusztus 27. 14:00

21 000  Novi  Sad

XXIII International Meeting of classic cars
Novi Sad,  Serbia  25-27.august 2017.

25/08/2017. Friday

15:00 to 18:00 Arrival  of  participants  to  hotel "Old rooftops" Address: Novosadski put 115 Novi Sad.
19:00 dinner for hotel guests, a concert of classical music.

26/08/2017. Saturday

7:00 breakfast for hotel guests and  signup  for  meet  until  08.45
8:00 promotion of products "Zlatiborac" meat industry
08:30 start of the rally Novi Sad – Vrdnik  SPA
10:00 short  break  in  nature
10:45 Arrival  to  hotel  „Termal“  in  Vrdnik,  socializing  by  the  pool
13:00-14.30 lunch  for  meet  participants (split  in  two  groups  due  to  limited  capacity)
15:00 Starting  to  Novi  Sad
15:15 Short  visit  to  „Vrdnička  kula“ (tower)  and  refreshments.
16:00 continuing  towards  Novi  Sad.
17:15 arrival  to  BIG  mall  parking,  exibition.
19:45 starting  for  hotel  „Stari  krovovi“ 
21:00  Gala  dinner  in  hotel,  sponsor  presentation,  first  part  of  prizes,  dancing  and  live  music.

27/08/2017. Sunday

7:30 breakfast for hotel guests.
08:00 departure selected cars at a gas station PETROL refueling  - free  fuel  and taking photos  for  TV.
09:00 departure of another group of participants on the boat "Zeppelin" on the Danube  river  and coffee  break.
11:15 arrival at the shopping center BIG, driving  skills competition . Promotion of engine oil  BISON  England.
13:30 Drive  to  „Pajin  salaš“  restaurant  in  the  nature,  where  lunch  be  served  and  second  part  of  prizes  given  away.
16:30 End  of  the  meeting.

*Bring  a  bathing  suit  (for  the  pool)


- A complete program with two nights  in  hotel  and gala dinner € 50
- A complete program with one night  in  hotel  and a gala dinner € 40
- Participation in the meeting on saturday  and  sunday  with a gala Dinner    35 € (without  overnight  stay  in  hotel )
- Participation  at  the  meeting  on  Saturday  with  gala  dinner  25 €
- Participation at the meeting on Saturday without a gala dinner is 15 €
- Participation in the rally in sunday 10 €  ( with  lunch )

All nights in hotel with breakfast.
The organizer reserves the right to change the program.
Children under 12 years of age pay 50 percent of the price.
Drivers of vehicles produced until 1940 no fee.

Welcome  dear  oldtimer  friends !

Contact - jankovic.zoran [at]  and   uros [at]